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Here we provide some tips for giving your Dreadnought shaving brush the best care so you can use it for years to come.

It’s Hair:

Your Dreadnought ‘Avenger’ shaving brush is made of boar bristle. This is a hair product so treat it as your own! Wash your brush with a good shampoo and conditioner to keep the hair soft and residue free. If your brush has developed a soap residue, soak it in a 10:1 vinegar solution for a few minutes and then wash as above.

Be Gentle:

When loading your brush with soap or building your lather with cream go easy. The core of the brush is where the magic happens and mashing down with your brush can twist and break the core hairs and over time cause hair loss and a dimpled effect in the center of the brush.

High and Dry:

When you are done using your brush shake it hard a few times to remove all the water and hang upside down in a stand to dry. If you don’t have a stand dry the brush thoroughly on a towel.

Using these tips should extend the life of your Dreadnought ‘Avenger’ shaving brush and give you many comfortable and close shaves for years to come!