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One of the most popular wet shaving items is shaving cream. Long a standard of lather making material it is good for the face creating a smooth, slick shave. However, it sometimes can be tricky to lather even the best shaving creams. Here we hope to give you an easy method that will consistently give you thick, creamy lather from your Dreadnought shaving cream.

First gather the materials together; we recommend getting a Dreadnought ‘Avenger’ shaving brush or a badger hair shaving brush, shaving cream, and a sturdy bowl to whip up the lather in. While showering soak the brush and bowl in warm water. This will help get the bowl hot and prepare the brush for creating lather.

¨ Once ready take about an almond size dollop of Dreadnought shaving cream and drop it into the empty warm bowl.

– Remove the Dreadnought brush from the warm water and gently shake the excess water out of the brush.

– Swirl the brush into the Dreadnought cream to start the lather. At this point it will be too thick and cling to the bowl.

– Add to the bowl a few drops of water and swirl again. Also use some pumping stokes to help distribute the cream into the core of the brush, where the mixing “magic” happens.

– Continue to add a few drops of water every few seconds until lots of lather appears.

– When ready, the cream will look like whipped cream or beaten egg whites, creating soft peaks.

There you have it! It may take a couple of times practicing this method to not overshoot the amount of water, making the lather thin and runny. However, we are confident by using this method you will be able to generate lots of lather in no time!