The wait is finally over guys… Dreadnought has launched in the United States of America.

Made in GB exclusively for the men of America, Dreadnought matches British craftsmanship & tradition with cutting edge technology to meet the shaving needs of the modern American man.

Dreadnought launches in America with a pre-shave oil, shaving cream, post-shave balm, travel sized ‘Avenger’ shaving brush, luxury ‘Spartan’ double edge safety razor and silver technology anti perspirant deodorant.

The range of Dreadnought shaving products was designed and engineered to tackle the toughest of beards whilst reducing razor rash, burn, cuts, nicks and ingrowing hairs.

Dreadnought creams and balms contain Decelerine, which reduces the appearance of beard growth whilst also moisturising and protecting the skin to allow for the closest of shaves.

The brand has launched in the US with a number of glowing media/press reviews. The popular Gear Culture style magazine praised the Dreadnought ‘Spartan’ safety razor for being strong enough to handle the thickest stubble.

The online magazine said: “The very name of the Dreadnought Spartan Double Edge Razor conjures images of the hardy band of 300 Spartan warriors who held off a massive Persian army thanks to their ingenuity, flexibility and strength.

“The Spartan Double Edge Razor was designed with the same spirit of ingenuity, and it is strong enough to handle the thickest stubble, mustache or beard. Its ability to use any standard safety razor blade makes it a flexible option for many years of reliable use.”

You can buy the Dreadnought range from a number of leading US e-tailers, including Lee’s Razors, Royal Shave, Shave Nation, American Haircuts and QED