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The facts

Keeping and maintaining a beard requires patience. For any one that has tried this you know what we’re getting at here. Itchy, patchy, hobo looking hair which is just horrible to maintain until it has growed to a certain length.

Your body can produce a certain amount of natural oil as your beard grows to keep it from itching, making your hair coarse and the notorious, beardruff. To supplement the ease of growing a beard and to protect your sanity, we recommend a good beard oil.

A good one contains a mixture of essential and carrier oils to leave your beard soft, supple and healthy.

The oil for “stubble stage”

The stubble stage might leave your skin itchy and dry so you might want to try light oil with some vitamin E and K which is perfect for the discomfort you will feel in this stage.

The oil for “medium length beard”

This stage is also called a ‘sweet spot’ stage since any kind of beard oil will work for you. Just go and the pick the scent you like the most. Just easy! You can use Dreadnought Classic Blend Beard Oil which has the most masculine-smelling oils tried so far.

The oil for “full grown beard”

Now that you have the self-aware beard, it has come to life. Now you will need a heavier oil to completely moisturize your beard. It is recommended that you use products based on nuts or seeds since they are heftier.

The oil for “the bikers beard”

If that beard in 3 inches down, you are in the righteous zone. That’s right! There is no stopping that beard from going wayward so keep it inline by using any one of havy oils, but in higher quantities.

Some shopping advice

Dont forget that oils are not enough to get that sharp look. Buy yourself a good trimmer and take care of your beard line. You will get better results for sure. For extra precision make sure you use a cut-throat razor.