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More men are taking time out of their busy days to groom themselves from head to toe than ever before. As a result, the once classic profession that is barbering has received an influx of fresh and exciting new faces.
With the barbering industry booming, and the rather suggestive title of this article, chances are you’re considering becoming a barber. But, before you head out to buy your scissors, combs, clippers, and a book on small talk, make sure you read through our list of reasons to join one of the world’s most historic industries.

Be your own boss:

The freedom to choose your own prices and working hours, the ability to set your own dress code – these are just some of the benefits of being a barber.

The barbering industry offers plenty of chances for you to take on your own business. And, for those that might find the idea of running their own business a little daunting, you could rent a chair in someone else’s shop. This gives you the freedom of managing your own chair, without having the stress of running the entire shop.


The brilliant thing about barbering is that you’ll never struggle to find work. No matter where you find yourself in the world, people will need haircuts. It’s the perfect job to travel the world with.


Travelling with your barbering will also help you to become a better barber. You’ll learn new skills and different methods thanks to the diverse cultures you’ll be immersed in.

Chewing the fat:

If you’re that person on the tube that enjoys breaking the awkward silence to talk about anything and everything, then barbering may just give you the perfect release for all that social energy. Barbers are renowned for their small talk and ability to hold a conversation with just about anyone that sits in their chairs. Whilst talking is a big part of the job, listening is a barber’s best friend.

Throughout your career as a barber, you can expect to learn many secrets from your clients. The best barbers keep these nuggets of information private. If you can master this skill, you’re right on your way to building a successful client base and career.

Working with fashions:

The hair and beard styles that we blokes model change as regularly as the clothes we drape our bodies in. Therefore, if you’re going to pursue a career as a barber, you’d best make sure you have a keen interest in fashion.
Fashion will be a big part of your job, and keeping up with it can be mighty exciting. Your clients will want to know they can come to you for the latest and greatest cuts and will expect you to have the confidence to provide them.

Sharing your creativity:

Barbering offers you the perfect opportunity to share your creativity with the world. As styles go, some of today’s trends definitely require a touch of artistic flare, which makes pulling them off all the more satisfying.
Once you’ve built relationships with your clients, you can even be a little more daring with regards to suggested styles, meaning they’ll leave the shop feeling truly unique.

Make good money:

When your talents start to grow, and your client base increases, barbering can be very kind to your wallet.
On average, a barber earns approximately $15.00 an hour. Add tips (especially during December) and the drive to work hard and it can be a very lucrative career.