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With men taking more care over their appearance than ever before, it’s likely that you see your barber more often than you see your step-mom. And, unlike with her, you’d better behave if you want to get the best from your next barber shop experience.

Lucky for you, the men here at Dreadnought have put together five need-to-know facts for the next time you’re sitting in your barber’s chair.

1. Be on time and for the love of God, don’t skip your appointment

Now and then you might be running late. It happens, we get it. From babies wetting themselves, to Godzilla popping up on 5 North Street, your barber has probably heard every excuse under the sun.

If you’re running late and genuinely can’t do anything about it, please let your barber know by calling. Or, slide something into their DM’s. Not only is this simply a common courtesy, but it allows both of you to potentially re-schedule. Alternatively, your barber could take on another client, or leave 30 minutes early (and plan that new tattoo they’ve undoubtedly been dreaming of).

Some barbers work with very particular time slots, meaning if you arrive late you’re only damaging your own chances of fixing your lid before their next scheduled cut. Take this risk and your mop might just end up looking like Donald Trump’s and nobody wants that…

If you’re thinking about skipping your appointment altogether then the above still applies. If you don’t let your barber know, then Dreadnought cannot take accountability for his/her actions.

It’s one of the worst things you can do and sits on the same level as not picking your kid up from school, or calling your wife her sister’s name. Not only are you annoying your barber by not attending, you’re also limiting their sales.

2. Don’t touch their tools

You may think scissors are just $10 but let me tell you, they’re not. Barbering scissors, clippers and all their tools cost a small fortune and often carry sentimental value – so don’t touch.

How would you like it if I came in to your office and rubbed my greasy fingers all over your keyboard before systematically removing only the most important keys?

If you have a genuine interest, or the infant inside of you just has to play with the shiny scissors, then ask before you touch.


3. Don’t tell them to do whatever they want

This question equates to asking your better half what they fancy eating tonight – in that you know you’re not going to get anything close to what you were thinking, if you come to a decision at all.

Put Pokémon GO down for a few seconds and have a quick look on Google for a few ideas before you pop in. Ignore this simple tip and you risk leaving your barber shop with a grade one all over, and if you complain you’d be an idiot.

4. Quit using your phone

Still playing Pokemon GO!? Put it this way, a barber is licensed to wield a cut-throat around your neck, and you still think it’s wise to try and catch a Charizard? Put it away, or at least if it does ring, excuse yourself in a gentlemanly manner. Your time in your barber’s chair should be spent bonding – it’s tradition.

5. Tipping

Being British by birth, tipping is something we had to swot up on before gracing American soil. Not that we don’t tip barbers, just that you lot do it for everything, so we had to work out whether we had to tip the barber’s pet dog because they looked at us too.

No rules with this one just make sure you do. Of course, if the cut and service offered are truly awful, keep your dollars in your pocket. The general rule is this: if you’re pleased with the cut, add 20% to the final price tag.