A leading men’s grooming expert has described the Dreadnought shaving cream as a “must-have” product and one of the “best shaving creams” he has ever used.

Dave Alexander, men’s grooming editor for About.com, said: “The fragrance is clean and light and the product performed exceptionally well — among the best I’ve ever tried.”

The shaving expert, who also owns a barbershop chain in the USA, praised the performance of the cream, saying it can be used right out of the jar without a shaving brush.

“I tried the product both with and without a brush and the performance and lather were similar. I enjoy the ritual of shaving, so I used the product with a brush and my trusty double-edge razor. The results were amazing.”

He went on to highlight how thick and luxurious the lather was, describing it as “excellent”, “rich and creamy”.


The winner in all its glory

“The cream created a very slick surface on my skin and I experienced no razor drag at all. The shave was incredibly close and I got an excellent shave with just one pass of the razor – not something that happens all that often with other shave creams I’ve tried. The product left my skin smooth and moisturized to the point I didn’t really feel the need to use a separate moisturizer afterward.”
Dave, who suffers from sensitive skin, added: “I experienced no razor burn or irritation at all. Hands down, this is the best shaving product I’ve ever used.”

When asked, “Would I recommend this product?”, Dave replied: “Absolutely. The performance was on par with some of the best shave creams I’ve tried (in fact, it now tops that list). Great performance, cool packaging, paraben-free. What’s not to love?”

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