dreadnought hair styling products
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Dreadnought is delighted to announce the addition of three brand new hair-styling products to its ever-expanding grooming range.

The Pomade, Matt Clay and Matt Paste have now finally hit the shelves, and are ready and waiting to tame the manliest and most wayward of manes.

Between them, the three have got all bases covered, with the Pomade leading the way for slicked-back, high-shine styles such as this season’s pompadour.

For rugged, textured looks, and easy volume, the Matt Paste is the ultimate choice, while low-maintenance styles and invisible hold are yours for the taking with the help of the new Matt Clay.

dreadnought hair styling products

The new hair styling products will tame the manliest of manes

With the modern man now spending more time on his appearance than ever before, if you’re the sort to neglect your ‘do then now is your chance to turn things around the Dreadnought way – with minimal extra time in the bathroom required. The good news is that the Pomade, Matt Paste and Matt Clay will keep your hair in check all day long, leaving you to go about your business without giving it a second thought.

Frizzy, lacklustre and out-of-control locks are no match for these three, and as an added bonus, they smell about as masculine as it gets.

Still on the fence when it comes to grooming? Taking some time to ensure that you look good will mean that you feel good, too, resulting in a more productive and all-round successful day.