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That girl from the gym has finally agreed to a last minute date. The catch? It’s tonight. But instead of panicking about how you’re going to put together an unforgettable night at such short notice, man up and make the most of what little time you have with a few simple tips. As long as you’re looking and feeling your best, the rest will fall into place.

Rule number one is dress to impress, so make sure your shirt is clean and pressed. Even for casual outings, this is a must – stains and creases won’t impress anyone, and demonstrate a lack of respect for yourself. While we’re on the subject, be sure to wipe your shoes down, too – a surprising number of women now admit to judging a man on his footwear ahead of anything else.

Checking her reflection in the back of a spoon at dinner is one thing, but using your forehead as a mirror is quite another. Avoid putting her off her food with your greasy skin by applying a layer of a clay-based detox mask an hour or so before leaving the house, and leaving it for ten to fifteen minutes. This will soak up any excess sebum your skin produces, and followed up with a mattifying moisturizer, will leave you shine free all night.

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Just because you haven’t noticed those straggly, unsightly nose hairs, it doesn’t mean she won’t, so hunt for any embarrassing strays before you go and remove them with a good-quality trimmer. Ears are another common hiding place, so don’t forget to check them – and give them a good clean with a cotton swab while you’re there. Trust us – the last thing she wants to see when she’s leaning in for a kiss at the movies is a gunky ear canal.

Smelling great is completely essential, so lather up in the shower with our alluringly masculine Big Blue Bar of Soap for Blokes, following up with a generous application of Dreadnought Anti-Perspirant Deodorant once you’re dressed. Cue a host of admiring glances as you make your way to the table to join her, and your date using every excuse she can muster to edge that little bit closer.

And lastly, we know we’re always advocating a good shave, but on no occasion is it more important than that of the first date. Lather up with a Luxury Shaving Cream, working it into your skin with our Badger Hair Shaving Brush, and give yourself the shave of your life with Dreadnought’s Cut-Throat Razor. Be sure to follow up with some Cooling Moisturiser to avoid that nasty razor rash, and you’ll be left with smooth skin that she won’t be able to resist touching.