avatar"This sleek find guarantees you'll get the kind of smooth shave worth snuggling up to".

Janell Hickman
Ebony Magazine
avatar"Based on a fresh and classic English barbershop scent with a modern twist, the aroma and sumptuous thick lather makes shaving a genuine pleasure".

Dermascope Reviewer
avatar"It's been my pleasure to use this remarkable shave product. As a male with an Italian background I have a very thick beard. It has presented challenges over the years. Most notable issues for me have been to secure a close shave without significant razor burn/skin irritation. Dreadnought shave cream/system has become part of my must have morning preparation products. It has allowed me to lift the stubble, protect my skin and consistently receive the close shave without the typical skin reaction I was use to getting".

John Hubbard
Male Standard