avatar“Dreadnought Shaving Cream can be used right out of the jar without a shaving brush. Of course, I highly recommend using one for maximum effectiveness and lather. In my tests, I tried the product both with and without a brush and the performance and lather were similar. I enjoy the ritual of shaving, so I used the product with a brush and my trusty double-edge razor. The results were amazing."

Dave Alexander
avatar"The very name of the Dreadnought Spartan Double Edge Razor conjures images of the hardy band of 300 Spartan warriors who held off a massive Persian army thanks to their ingenuity, flexibility and strength. The Spartan Double Edge Razor was designed with the same spirit of ingenuity, and it is strong enough to handle the thickest stubble, mustache or beard. Its ability to use any standard safety razor blade makes it a flexible option for many years of reliable use."

GearCulture Reviewer
avatar"Overall this shaving cream is pretty great, and I don’t know how you can go wrong with it. A jar will last you 50 shaves if you follow the directions, and at only $19 that’s only 38 cents a shave–a price I have a hard time thinking can be beat with this high quality of a shave. Dreadnought rules, and so does their logo. If you’re looking for a trusty stand-by in the shaving world, consider Dreadnought your knight in shining armor (bad joke, it was too easy)."

Andrew Strong
avatar"I found it (shaving cream) to overall be face-friendly. It produces a great lather, comes in a tub that provides enough product for months of shaving fun, and the best part… confirmed that you will see the slow down of beard growth it claims! So for the ingrown hair sufferer and those who have to shave again before lunch, pick this one up, you won’t be disappointed!"

Craig the Barber
The Men's Room
avatar“Cut through stubble with across the pond cult favorit Dreadnought Luxury Shaving Cream. A smooth operator that moisturizes, but won’t clog pores or razors. An almond-sized amount and a few drops of H20 are all that’s needed to achieve a thick creamy lather. This paraben-free, eco-friendly packaged product also reduces heavy beard growth.”

Karina Timmel
Jezebel Magazine
avatar"The shaving cream itself had a very masculine smell, yet wasn’t overpowering. And while the shaving itself was smooth, the Post-Shave Balm came in and really just felt great. When I read the ingredients, I wasn’t surprised that the dominant ingredient was aloe vera because my skin felt rejuvenated and revitalized. The Dreadnought Avenger Shaving Brush was a little piece of awesomeness I didn’t even expect. I highly recommend all three of these products".

Paul Eide
avatar"An excellent cream with a very nice cushion to it, my razor glided across effortlessly. It also has a nice scent that was not overwhelming. The anti perspirant can be described in one word - effective. It really works. I've tried a lot in my time and I have to say this is probably one of the best deodorants I've ever used".

Shave Nation
avatar“When used as directed and with only a small amount applied to my shaving brush it works into a thick lather very quickly and immediately goes to work getting my skin and my beard prepared for the sword. This product is not only a joy to use but it is just as much an elixir and a beard conditioner as it is a shaving aid".

Style Apothecary
avatar"Dreadnought designed and engineered their products to tackle the toughest of beards whilst reducing razor rash, burn, cuts, nicks and ingrowing hairs. And after using it for a few weeks, I can honestly say that it delivers on all fronts. No longer do I suffer from razor burn or ingrown hairs, which has long been a problem for me. And the scent of the shaving cream / aftershave has elicited a number of positive comments from the ladies, which is a huge plus!"

Sujeet Patel
Guys Gab
avatar"The signature fragrance of this cult-hit shaving cream is redolent of Sicilian bergamot and Ligurian basil. It's designed to be used with a shaving brush to produce a rich, creamy lather".

Mike Luongo