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One question we’re getting asked a lot here at Dreadnought HQ – What does Dreadnought actually mean? Over the next couple of months we will be profiling some real life Dreadnoughts and why these individuals Fear Nothing!

Dreadnought #fearnothing

Dreadnought [dred-nawt] is described as 1. A person who fears nothing, 2. One that is among the largest and most powerful of its kind.

Our first Dreadnought is a Gurkha soldier who single-handedly fought off an attack on his base by up to 30 Taliban insurgents has been awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross.

Acting Sergeant Dipprasad Pun, 31, exhausted all his ammunition and at one point had to use the tripod of his machine gun to beat away a militant climbing the walls of the compound.

The soldier fired more than 400 rounds, launched 17 grenades and detonated a mine to thwart the Taliban assault on his checkpoint near Babaji in Helmand Province, southern Afghanistan.

Quite simply the epitomy of Dreadnought. Find out more about Acting Sargeant Dipprasad Pun in the video below.

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