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With it’s inception a few years ago, Dreadnought has always been on the quest to deliver the finest shaving equipment and products. From our love and industry background, we’ve always wanted to develop our own straight razor. A premium razor which didn’t compromise on quality and a keen eye to detail. A razor which finally meets the needs of the under supplied and overly demanded straight razor market.

A personal message from David Hildrew, the Dreadnought

“When I laid the foundations for the Dreadnought brand I was absolutely determined to ensure that we stood out from the crowd. Up to now our packaging, approach to market and products have succeeded in achieving just that and I am really very proud of what we have achieved so far. Our brand is innovative, market leading and totally fearless and now is the time to embark on another challenge and to create The Ultimate Straight Razor For Real Men!

Heating in the gas forge to around 1400 degrees

Heating in the gas forge to around 1400 degrees

Join us on our quest to create the finest of all shaving instruments – I have convinced a personal friend and one of the world’s finest bladesmiths to work with us on this project. A man whose blades are renowned throughout the international Special Forces fraternity and upon whose work I once relied upon to produce a combat knife tough enough to tackle any challenge – one that literally could mean the difference between life and death! Between us we are fully committed to producing a thing of awesome beauty and infinite functionality.

The prototype phase is well under way and over the next few weeks we will be bringing you constant updates, technical briefings and a visual insight into how the razor is developing. Suffice to say that we are using the finest of materials – the blade is being crafted by hand in Damascus steel – but also skills that have been developed over millennia and now reside in the hands of a very few men.

You are most welcome to join us on this grand adventure. Here is your opportunity to become involved in the development of what we hope will be an amazing shaving instrument, one that any man will be proud to own and to pass onto his son or grandchild. Feel free to ask questions, offer input and guidance. In due course we will be running a competition to name the finished article with a handsome prize to the successful entry. Please be prepared to be patient and indulge us with some forbearance – this is an honest attempt to take the straight razor into uncharted territory and it is bound to face challenges and obstacles along the way.”

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