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If there is one thing that has been shamefully neglected over the last 30 years it would have to be the underrated shaving brush. Not only will you be able to create a mean lather, but a shaving brush exfoliates skin, clears dead cells and gets rid of razor clogging grease and grime.

As with any grooming product out there the choice is huge! This guide will look at the different shaving brush hair and will hopefully give you further understanding of the subject.

Pure Bristle

Badger hair may be the most common brushes on the market, but many bristle brushes are still found in manier man cave. With the comparitively cheaper boar hair, it is a great introductory brush for newbie shavers to discover the benefits of using a shaving brush. Bristle hair is much stiffer and this is also great for people using shaving soap and loading it onto their brushes. Boar bristles also offer a greater scrubbing effect for men who like to face lather. Check out the Dreadnought Avenger Shaving brush.


Synthetic shaving brushes are an alternative for men not wanting to use animal hair. Although synthetic hair does not have the natural water retention capabilities of badger hair, modern advances within the field have meant that synthetic brushes are now a fine alternative. Another benefit is synthetic hair requires less maintenance that other animal hair brushes. Check out the Dreadnought Vanguard Synthetic shaving brush.

Badger Hair Brushes

Badger hair is traditionally used because it’s one of few hairs that retains water. This is excellent for holding water on the skin and more importantly, the more water the brush holds, the better lather you can create with the Dreadnought luxury shaving cream.

Pure Badger

For a first foray into shaving with a badger hair brush we suggest a pure badger. These brushes offer al the benefits of a quality badger hair brush with an affordable price point. The quality of hair will soften over time and should last a number of years with good maintenance and care. Take a look at the Dreadnought Pure Badger Shaving Brush.

Best Badger

These brushes are a must for any avid wet shaving enthusiast. The hair is of a high quality standard and hand assembled. The tip of the brush you will find to be extremely soft, however, will last a lifetime if correctly maintained.

Super Badger

Super badger is more expensive than either ‘best’ or ‘pure’. While some grade this as ‘silvertip’, it is usually high grade ‘pure’ hair which is bleached on the ends. Performance of this is only outstripped by silvertip.


The creme-de-la-creme of any serious wet shaver, the silvertip badger brush is the highest quality of shaving brush. The hair used is extremely soft but features the highest resistance. These brushes are hand assembled and will be at the pride of place in your shaving collection.