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Richard Maloof author of DETAILED: A Complete Man’s Guide To Personal Grooming and image consultant has put Dreadnought to the test.

Born in Staten Island, Richard started his career in advertising. He spent the next 12 years climbing the ladder to become a successful ad executive and marketing coach. While in the advertising industry he realized how much image mattered and saw more and more men struggling to apply this to their grooming habits. Being meticulous by nature, Richard wanted to help those around him with their style and self-confidence. He left advertising to write on the subject and published his first book, DETAILED: A Complete Man’s Guide to Personal Grooming, in June of 2012.

Richard Maloof – The Detailed Image

“As an Image Consultant and Grooming expert I am always looking for new products that can set themselves apart”, Says Richard, “My clients are always asking me to give them recommendations because they know my rule; until I use the product myself to make sure of its quality, I don’t recommend it! I was very excited to try Dreadnought Luxury Shaving Cream with the ”Avenger” brush and Dreadnought Post-Shave Balm.

I was very excited to try the brush, it felt very old school and sophisticated, it reminded me that shaving is an experience. Men have gotten away from the enjoyment of a good shave in lieu of fast and simple. Dreadnought is bringing this back and in a big way!

The shave cream and after shave balm are quality products that actually caused me to change the way I approach my shave routine. One thing that really stood out to me, besides the great smell, was how easy it applies. I realized that a little goes a long way and it allowed my razor a smooth runway. I always have issues with redness after shaving my neck and the balm calmed that down immediately.

Thanks to Dreadnought, men everywhere can get back to their roots of what was once a great experience, the shave!”

To find out more about Richard and his new book check out his website HERE.

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