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Brian, Wet Shaving expert and owner of Custom Shaving puts the Dreadnought Shaving cream through a rigorous test in this video review. || Read more

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That girl from the gym has finally agreed to a last minute date. The catch? It’s tonight. But instead of panicking about how you’re going to put together an unforgettable night at such short notice, man up and make the most of what little time you have with a few simple tips. As long as you’re looking and feeling your best, the rest will fall into place. || Read more

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dreadnought shaving cream 100ml

Since its launch in the summer of 2012 Dreadnought’s eye-catching shaving products have taken North America by storm. || Read more

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Style Me Manly


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Style Me Manly banner

Dreadnought press coverage on Style Me Manly. || Read more

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Details magazine, America’s top men’s lifestyle publication, has featured the Dreadnought shaving cream in their online guide on the top international grooming products. || Read more

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One of the most popular wet shaving items is shaving cream. Long a standard of lather making material it is good for the face creating a smooth, slick shave. However, it sometimes can be tricky to lather even the best shaving creams. Here we hope to give you an easy method that will consistently give you thick, creamy lather from your Dreadnought shaving cream. || Read more

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Sick and tired of that never-ending shaving rash? Fed up to the back teeth with in-growing hairs? Bored to death with razor burn? || Read more

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Dreadnought Spartan razor

The wait is finally over guys… Dreadnought has launched in the United States of America. || Read more

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A leading men’s grooming expert has described the Dreadnought shaving cream as a “must-have” product and one of the “best shaving creams” he has ever used. || Read more

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The Science


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how decelerine works

The Science behind Dreadnought

Designed by a real life ‘Blue Beard’ who was bored to death with being a Desperate Dan look-alike, the flagship products in the Dreadnought range are a paraben free, premium quality shaving cream, brushless shaving solution and post-shave balm with added ingredients to specifically reduce the appearance of hair growth and combat tough stubble.

Both have been formulated to our unique specification in one of the UK’s premier male cosmetics laboratories who are renowned experts in the field of shaving cosmetics.

Contains Decelerine™ – Reducing the appearance of beard growth and providing a recovering effect on the skin

Decelerine™ contains a mixture of actives that minimises the appearance of unwanted hair, reducing the frequency of shaving and depilation, and at the same time providing a recovering effect on the skin.

paraben free

How Decelerine™ works

The normal hair cycle is divided into four periods:

ANAGEN – Active Growth Phase (2-6 years)
CATAGEN – A short transition period with regression (2-3 weeks)
TELOGEN – A resting phase (2-3 weeks)
EXOGEN – A shedding stage

Then the new hair starts to grow and the follicle is back in Anagen. The length of hair is primarily a function of the relative durations of Anagen and Telogen. Whether hairs are in one of these phases at the time of hair removal is important because only Anagen hairs are particularly sensitive to the effects of Decelerine™. Decelerine™ targets it’s action in hair follicle cells and weakens new hair formation. It has proved to be effective to make hair look softer and less noticeable, decreasing length and density of unwanted hair and also providing a soothing moisturising and anti-inflammatory effect.

In tests Decelerine™ showed a 30% decrease in hair length as well as a 16% reduction in hair density after 60 days.

As well as reducing the appearance of beard growth, Decelerine™ relieves and soothes the effects of shaving (especially skin prone to irritation and dryness) by providing moisturisation and protection to facilitate it’s regeneration.

Razor Rash & Burn – You Have Been Warned

Our customers tell us that using Dreadnought virtually eradicates shaving rash, burn and those uncomfortable lumps and bumps. If you are a masochist and love a bit of pain first thing in the morning then you should not use Dreadnought as it will give you a clean, smooth, painless shave.

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