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Dreadnought stopped by Nexgen Barbershop in Murfreesboro, TN, last week to talk to Mike Garcia about his take on American barbershops and his future plans.

How did Nexgen all start?

I sold my chevy truck for $5,000 and bought three chairs, took a leap of faith and signed a lease. It was strugglesville for a while – My wife and I shared a vehicle for two years and in the process had two kids. The original name was Next Generation, but the sign company charged per letter, so we shortened it to Nexgen. we ended up liking the sound of it better. Very humble beginnings,lots of learning at the school of hard knocks, mix it with some what the heck were we thinking business decisions. You see us standing thirteen years later.

What makes you different from other barbershops?

We are a very diversified barbershop. Our clientele ranges from men of all races and ages. We also have the ability to cater for businesses on lunch breaks to nostalgic father/son bonding time. Our barbers are at the top of the game and truly enjoy the craft with precision haircuts every time, straight razor shaves, with hot steam lather and towels – Our nine step exclusive shave experience “The Nexgen”.

What attracted you to dreadnought and why does it suit Nexgen?

At Nexgen We truly live up to our name being the next generation of barbering. We felt like Dreadnought is bringing back the memories of our grandfathers shaving regimen. Now packaged and formulated for this generation of top of the line barbers and distinguished clients alike deserve a state of the art shaving system. Which Dreadnought has accomplished.

What can we expect from Nexgen in the future?

We are a barbershop that knows handwork and perseverance. We know what men want in a barbershop and you can expect old fashioned service from the next generation of barbers. We are staying true to our craft with excellence and resurrecting a dying breed in the hair industry.

In your opinion what makes a man manly?

A man is someone who is comfortable in his own skin…Well skin that is clean shaven with a good haircut. A real man knows a good beer, a fine cigar, straight razor and takes pride in there work and family. Real men know how to tie a tie, and more importantly how to take it off to have a good time.

We had a great time visiting Mike and his Team – If you find yourself in Mufsfreeboro we highly recommend there nine step shaving experience “The Nexgen”.

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