shaving with a double edge razor
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Using a double edge safety razor like the Dreadnought ‘Spartan’ for the first time will feel like taking your first cycling lesson or playing any sport for the first time. In order to achieve the best possible results you’re going to have to practice and learn a technique much different to that of an everyday razor. Your skin will take a while to adjust to the new feel of the blades, but after learning the correct technique the benefits will be clear to see.


As always, preparation is a vital part of the shave. We recommend having a shower beforehand to soften bristles and wake you up! Then proceed by using a lather and good quality shaving brush and cream like the Dreadnought Avenger brush and luxury shaving cream. This will add to the softening of facial hair and provide a cushion for the razor to glide across the skin.

Prepare the Razor

Insert blade to the razor and make sure it is firmly in place. If the blade moves at all then it had been inserted wrong. Make sure the razor head and handle are firmly attached to each other and then you are ready to begin.

Spartan double edge safety razor

Shaving with a double edge safety razor like the ‘Spartan’ will give you a much closer shave than a multi-bladed cartridge system

The Shave

When it comes to shaving with a double edge razor, about 75% of actual technique boils down to the way in which you hold the razor. By holding the blade at 30° to the skin, using the weight of the razor and no pressure, glide the tool down along with the grain of your facial hair. Always shave in the same direction of hair growth as this will help the blade seamlessly glide across the skin with no irritation.

Neck & other problem areas

When moving onto the neck, try pulling the skin tight with your free hand to create a smooth surface for the razor to pass over. For the chin tilt your head up, stretching the skin, as well as drawing your lower lip into your mouth. This will also flatten your chin making it easier to shave.

Apart from the absolute naturals, you will find that small cuts are inevitable at first due to the sharpness of the blade. Eventually overtime, technique will improve and you will notice a closeness of shave previously thought unattainable and a shave free of common shaving problems.

Happy Shaving.