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When Aaron Marino of popular men’s website I Am Alpha M got in touch for some advice on perfecting the cut-throat shave, we were only too happy to help. In fact, after discussing technique, we set Aaron up with one of Dreadnought’s iconic Cut-Throat Shavettes, and challenged him to learn the skill.

Aaron went the extra mile and decided to share his wet shaving journey with the world, putting together this video on his first attempt with the Dreadnought Shavette. He seemed to get the hang of it pretty quickly, getting the 30 degree angle down to a tee, and we reckon he did a fantastic job for a first timer.

If you’re new to wet shaving, the Dreadnought Cut-Throat Shavette is an excellent place to start. Remember, not everybody is able to pick up the technique as quickly as Aaron does, but practice makes perfect, and the results are absolutely worth it.

To find out more about the tips we gave and read Aaron’s article on cut-throat shaving, just head over to his website.

In the meantime, here is the video in all its glory.

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