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Dreadnought were lucky enough to catch up with the guys at Motley in Boston earlier this week. Luckily the topic of discussion was about the rise of men’s grooming, and not about the trivial incident in 1773.

Motley looks great, how did it all start?

Thanks for the kind words. In such a small space, it’s hard to keep things from looking at least a little chaotic, so we’ve sort of embraced that and made and kept it part of our brand. Having said that, there’s a fine line between controlled chaos and a complete mess. We try to keep things from getting too out of hand.

The store actually started almost a decade ago, under a different owner but with a very similar theme and feel. The essential idea being “a motley array of goods”, somewhere you can go and kind of find anything. Hopefully a place you can come and find something you didn’t even realize you wanted. Long story short, when my brother and I found out that the former owner had decided to move to another state and close up shop, we saw it as a great opportunity to keep a locally owned, South End store going and also a chance for Jason and myself to add our own twist to the design and style of the store and of the merchandise that we’d want to bring into the store. As long time customers and entrepreneurs, it was basically a win-win.

Motley - 623 Tremont St, Boston

Motley – 623 Tremont St, Boston

We’ve heard great things about Motley, why do you think customers love coming to your store?

The South End of Boston, I think, lends itself to fostering a community atmosphere. This many years down the road, Motley is a go-to for many locals whether they need a t-shirt, grooming product, or any other number of random things. I think that we’ve been able to change with the neighborhood and also maintain our personality. Most importantly, I think we’ve tried our best to keep things from getting stale by bringing in new brands and working with local artists and designers to give our customers something unique to our store.

What attracted you to stocking the Dreadnought range?

The Dreadnought range is a perfect fit for Motley if you look at our history of picking out products. It’s an extremely high quality brand that’s slightly off the grid. One of those products that a customer will try once and become a lifetime user of. We have people coming in daily who are looking to ‘discover’ something new to better themselves or their lives, even if it’s just in a small way, and the Dreadnought line fits nicely into that. We couldn’t be happier with the feedback we’ve gotten.

What plans have you got for the store in the future?

I think another store is in the near future and has been for a little while. We learned a long time ago from good friends in the restaurant business that location is a huge part of whether or not you succeed. We got lucky, so to speak, when we bought Motley on Tremont St in Boston, because it’s the perfect location in a great neighborhood with wonderful people. Now we need to keep being patient to find that next great space to slowly and smartly expand our brand.

and finally, Dreadnought is only to be used by real men, but what do
you think makes a man, manly?

So many thing can make a man manly. In my mind, confidence makes a man. Confidence in how you look, confidence in the choices you make, confidence in how your treat people in your life and confidence that at the end of the day you’ve lived your life in way you can be proud of without excuse or regret. Seems pretty manly to me.

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