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Bond, James, Bond.

Dreadnought once again brings to you an individual we feel is worthy of the ‘Fear Nothing’ status that represents what we feel are our core values. Today, Ladies and Gentleman, we bring you James Bond.

We look into James’ past, and how he became, the best in the business.

James Bond – 007

Although just 17 at the time of his graduation from Fettes school, James Bond managed to join a special branch of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve in 1941 by lying about his age. He served with great distinction for the duration of World War II and emerged from his service with the rank of Commander.

James Bond’s wartime experiences whetted his appetite for further adventure and he joined Britain’s newly established Ministry of Defence in 1946, where he was assigned the rank of Principal Officer in the Civil Service. His commendable ability to work behind the scenes led to a subsequent promotion in December of 1950, when he was given his licence to kill and became attained the rank of “00.”


Since becoming a so-called 00, James Bond has managed to maintain the world’s delicate balance of power through a series of daring covert operations. Although the officials refuse to comment on his activities, it is generally believed that he was instrumental in thwarting the world domination plans of rogue billionaire Gustav Graves, preventing a monopoly of the Bolivian water supply, recovering a pair of stolen NATO nuclear bombs, assisting in the defection of Russian Corporal Tatiana Romanova, and ending the drug empire of nefarious dictator Buonaparte Ignace Gallia. The British government has accordingly recognized these and other less publicized contributions by bestowing upon him the Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. George; an honor given to individuals who have rendered important service in relation to foreign and Commonwealth affairs.

A ladies’ man of great repute, James Bond’s appreciation for the fairer sex first got him in trouble in his early teens when he was expelled from Eton due to a steamy dalliance with one of the school’s maids. He has since had an incalculable number of liaisons with members of the opposite sex, including voluptuous vixens such as critically acclaimed actress Domino Derval, gifted psychic Solitaire and fellow MI6 agent Miranda Frost. It should be noted, however, that James Bond seldom engages in long-term relationships, an attribute that likely hints at abandonment issues as well as a keen thirst for new experiences. Regardless of the psychiatric assessment, it’s clear that James Bond’s licence to thrill is every bit as deadly as his licence to kill.

007 is another strong candidate to be nominated for Dreadnought’s prestigious club, and ensues the qualities of being the biggest and best of his kind, and fearing nothing.

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