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Dreadnought is proud to announce that its product range is now available from RegiMEN in Worthington, OH.

Jamie Seabolt, Managing Director at RegiMEN is 31 years old and a country boy from heart coming from the mountains of West Virginia in a town with 4800 people. Over the years he has gained the respect of the skin care industry with his knowledge and constant desire to teach the client the proper techniques of grooming. Now residing in Columbus, OH Jamie travels the country for skin care events and is making leaps and bounds locally in the men’s segment to teach proper grooming without the fluff. Dreadnought were lucky enough to take time out of Jamie’s hectic schedule for a brief Q + A.

Your shop looks great, how did it all start?

To be honest, after serving as a National Artist for Origins Skin Care as well as a Training Leader for AVON, I was surrounded by skin. However, being a guy myself, I saw that we as men truly were not being catered to. Guys don’t want to be sold to and they don’t want to be put on display in a womans cosmetic department where they feel their masculinity is questioned. Guys want to take care of themselves but just want to know it works. They want to be able to ask questions in a private one-on-one level and get honest to goodness advice. They want to be able to prevent the razor bumps and dry skin without co-workers seeing a feminine shaped or heavily fragranced bottle of product when they go through security at the airport on the next business trip. Regimen is and provides what men truly need in a comfortable environment with honest advice about what concerns us and our needs.

Jamie Seabolt of RegiMEN

What makes regiMEN different from other men’s grooming outlets?

regiMEN is designed for men and started by men. Period. We are different from the other outlets where you may have one or two mass market brands in a department store sold by employees with no knowledge on men’s skin what so ever. We are different then the mass beauty stores who bury the men’s product in the back which makes you uncomfortable and sweating over… which leads to you turning around and bolting out before you ever make it to the product designed for you. We have a wide array of products ranging in price point. Some of them are staples in the industry while others can only be found here in Ohio. We even have one line that previously was only available at Barney’s New York and Bloomingdale’s… making us their first independent retailer ever. The point is, we will ask you the right questions and we will find you the right product to use. We are confident that Dreadnought will meet and exceed our clienteles expectations!

What attracted you to stocking Dreadnought and why does it suit regiMEN?

We loved the story of Dreadnought and felt it lined up with our own. Dreadnought understands the needs of the modern man and his concerns as we all compete. Both Dreadnought and regiMEN understands that for the first time ever men must keep up our appearances,less so for vanity reasons but for the ability to stay competitive in the work environment. Dreadnought knows what gets the results in the shaving category at a great price point and that is what men look for. That is the regiMEN client.

What can we expect from regiMEN in the future?

regiMEN is always growing and adding the best in grooming products designed and formulated for men. Currently based on our initial successes we are working on our expansion plan to grow further in our metropolitan market of over 1.8 million people. With world recognized businesses such as Chase and the majority of their U.S. work force located within 3 miles of our store, we have a large clientele of men looking to improve themselves and their lives. regiMEN is growing with these men as we prepare expansion further into our own community. We are also pleased to be launching our e-commerce portal ( at the end of First Quarter 2013 to take our honest and fair message in men’s grooming products across the country.

And finally, in your opinion what makes a man, manly?

A real man is confident. Whether he is impressing his friends with his sports stories, impressing coworkers in front of the board room, or swooning the ladies at night – a confident man is rugged and real. Real men take care of themselves and you achieve it with proper grooming; not to be confused with a “pretty” boy. Looking your best and letting your strength shine through with the help of the right products to enhance your masculinity without irritation, bumps, or grime – that’s a manly man. That’s why regiMEN is perfect as we are Grooming for the Modern Gentleman.

Dreadnought is now available in RegiMEN. If you pop in why not see Jamie for expert advice on men’s grooming.

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