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Dreadnought has been featured on award winning Men’s website ‘The Roosevelts’.

The Roosevelts describe themselves as “Gents producing content guys want to read about. We’re not a guide on how to be a man, we’re the site you go to after you’ve become one”.

Already this year the website has been awarded for 2012 Greatest Website That Ever Lived – Greatest Website Awards (GWA’s) and 2012 Recipient of Awesome Content- The Awesome Awards (AA’s).


Dreadnought gives the Roosevelts a clos e shave

They had this to say about Dreadnought “If you enjoy the ritualistic shaving methods of days yonder, look no further, Dreadnought Shaving combines new age science with the traditional Double Edge Razor, brush and lather process that make you feel like bare knuckle boxing the next bald man with a mustache you see. The razor itself, holds the weight and feel a razor should have, Not a cheap piece of plastic with a battery and vibrator”.

The chaps over at The Roosevelts will be using Dreadnought to keep themselves preened this Movember. We wish them all the best in this great cause and are excited to see the Mo’s.

We highly recommend checking out their website HERE.