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Last week Electrogent featured Dreadnought day featuring some new and existing products of the growing Dreadnought range.

Electrogent takes a picture of the Dreadnought Shavette

Electrogent takes a picture of the Dreadnought Shavette

First of we think a bit of blurb about Electrogent is warranted, as we here at Dreadnought have been massive fans of the website for quite some time. Founded in 2011 the site features superb original content on not just men’s grooming, but also Arts, Careers, Manliness, Style and more. We highly recommend checking out his articles on ‘Rules for my future son’ and ‘Argue like a man: Understanding logical fallacies’.

Last week Electrogent hosted a Dreadnought day which featured 3 product reviews, including our new cut throat razor. On using the cut throat, Electrogent says, “The shave itself is fantastic, and I have no real complaints there. I’ve had a few shaves with this bad boy now, and I haven’t cut myself yet. It’s definitely slower on the flat parts of the face (around your cheeks), but it is so much better than safety razors around the curved parts of your face (your chin and neck). It might just be a personal preference, but I tend to cut my chin easier with a safety razor than with this cut throat razor”.

We highly recommend going to check out Electrogents website by clicking HERE. He has even been picked up by the publication Details to write for their Style Network which you can see HERE.

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