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A leading YouTube wet shaving expert has praised the Dreadnought ‘Avenger’ for being a great entry level shaving brush.

Michael Erb, who reviews shaving products for his popular YouTube channel, cited the ‘Avenger’ as being one of the best boar bristle brushes he has ever used.

“Compared to some other Boar bristle shaving brushes such as the Ven der Hagen brush that I have also reviewed, the Dreadnought Avenger is of better quality,” he said.

“The ‘knot’ is trimmed more precisely than the Van der Hagen while also having a nicer handle made of wood. The Van der Hagen brush has a plastic handle.”

Boar hair brushes, generally speaking, aren’t as soft as a more expensive Badger hair shaving brush, but Michael pointed out that some wet shavers prefer a boar to a badger. “The more coarse texture of the Boar hair bristle gives a slightly more exfoliating effect on the skin and is actually preferred by some because of its more reasonable price,” he explained.

“The Dreadnought ‘Avenger’ is a great entry-level brush for wet shaving and is of decent quality,” Michael, who has more than 250k YouTube views, concluded.

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