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Dreadnought “Corsair” Super Badger Shaving Brush

A luxurious brush densely packed with super badger hair! In conjunction with the world's finest shaving brush manufacturer, Progress Vulfix, we've created this ultra luxurious brush.

Not only does the Dreadnought "Corsair" contain the finest super badger bristles, we've also managed to pack it with an extra 20% hair to create a brush much denser than similar priced equivalents.

This results in a brush that, as well as feeling luxuriously soft on the skin with excellent water retention properties, also has a stiffer backbone which makes it ideal for shaving creams and soaps.

It is branded with our unique Dreadnought logo making it the perfect accompaniment to the Dreadnought shaving cream!

Bristle Diameter: 50mm
Bristle Length: 50mm
Overall Length: 100mm
Handle Diameter: 35mm

RRP $120.00
Product code: DNCORSAIR

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