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Every guy enjoys pimping his grooming routine from time to time with a swish new bit of kit, but what should you do if, when debuting your brand new shaving brush, you notice a few hairs beginning to shed? || Read more

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Thinking of going au naturel and cultivating a facial forest? Hold it right there. You might be more attractive to the opposite sex than you think – and relaxing your grooming routine could have a detrimental effect on your pulling power. || Read more

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Jack Hawksworth

Being a British brand in North America ourselves, we couldn’t help but take an interest when young racing driver, Jack Hawksworth came to our attention. || Read more

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Straight Razor

Our straight razor journey is now well under way, with each day taking us a step closer to bringing you the Ultimate Straight Razor for Real Men. || Read more

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Dressed to Ill blog header

With his carefully cultivated beard, he may not seem like your typical Dreadnought devotee. || Read more

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